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 Glenn Adendorff – In Search of Serendipity

‘Children,’ said cosmologist Carl Sagan, ‘ask all the right questions. Why is the sky blue? How do birds fly? But pretty soon the schools, the institutions, knock it out of them and they become good, solid members of society. But some people keep asking those questions. And these people end up becoming scientists; or even poets.’

Glenn Adenforff is one such poet. Whether it is through his jewellery, his imagery, his music, his cinematography; or even his poetry, he is always asking the right questions. The hard, heavy, numinous ones that make people uncomfortable because the answers, if there are indeed any, are elusive, chimeric creatures that can never be caught and pinned to the wall.

What is truth? What is beauty? What does it matter? In all the mediums through which his restless spirit weaves, Glenn is in prolific pursuit of these vexing vanishing points. Yet, like any artist of calibre, he is not particularly interested in answers but in the wild ride through the forests of the soul and the wormholes of the mind that such a quest involves.

Glenn’s work is like life itself once all the existential expediency has been stripped away: exhilirating, terrifying, exasperating, breathtaking, confusing, funny, strange, sad and ecstatic. Two mirrors opposed create an infinite regression by which one is hypnotised not by the prospect of reaching a non-existent end point but by tumbling vertiginously through the endless abyss.

Captain Ahab was never really in pursuit of a great white whale but something deep within himself that stirred and squirmed and demanded expiation. It is through the cathartic crucible of art that Glenn is tirelessly striving to understand something that cannot be understood. And therein lies the beauty of his art: life, after all, is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to be lived.

The richly complex tapestry of Glenn’s creativity tells the story of an artist comprised of myriad facets and a multitude of dimensions. The visceral blur of stream-of-consciousness images and sounds that comprises his film and music is pure punk DIY experimentalism while the exquisite craftsmanship of his singular jewellery creations reflects a relentless devotion to detail.


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“I am stoked with how my wedding ring came out. I had a very specific idea in mind, and Glenn brought it to life . It’s so unique. The ring is made up of Carbon Fibre with a titanium inner sleeve, so i know it will last a life time”.

Maritz Erasmus

Glenn is an incredibly talented artist and jeweler and it has always been a pleasure doing business with him and hearing his great ideas. He offers multiple solutions that are unique and bring a high level of professionalism to his craft. So much so I ordered 2x wedding bands. (He mixed my late father and my mom’s gold together combined with carbon fibre, and another white gold mix with fabric and wooden textures.) I would rather wear something original than have something that is sold in a majority of jewellery stores.

Colin & Sarah Van Dongen

I ordered a 2 tone wedding band from Glenn and was so impressed, not only with his degree of professionalism but also with his standard of work.

The ring turned out better than we had hoped for and is so unique! I would definitely recommend Glenn to anyone looking for quality jewellery and attention to detail.

Simone Dames

My wife and I discovered Glenn’s incredible designs at the iHeart market in Durban. We loved his masculine style, use of mixed materials, and inlay detailing, which we hadn’t seen before. Glen designed my bespoke wedding ring after chatting through some of my ideas. He got the vibe I was going for instantly and added some professional insight to ensure I got an amazing ring that’s especially comfortable, shows great workmanship, and is truly unique.
Glenn’s service was amazing and it’s clear he’s incredibly passionate about what he does. He was, even after a couple years, more than happy to sort out some of the natural wear and tear on my ring and restore it to showroom condition. I would highly recommend chatting through any design ideas with him.

Matthew Du Bois

With only one month till our hand fasting ceremony. Glenn welcomed the challenge of creating our nature inspired rings..

Our brief was somewhat Daring!  With a good ear & a flair for artistic quality, Glenn made our vision for our symbolic rings come alive.

Elements of nature, twists of metal and a dash of pride for these creations. We wear our rings with adornment and a sense of appreciation for the skilfulness  that he displayed as a Jeweller.

Lulu & Keith Roderick

I commissioned Glenn to make a very sentimental ring for me the “Reese Daniella” this was by no means an easy task and required a lot of patience and dedication on Glenn’s part as I am no easy client by any means. After months of going backwards and forwards I finally received the ring that I had imagined. As a matter of fact it actually far exceeded my expectations and I could not have been more happier. Glenn’s work is superior and meticulous and just out there. He has now made several rings and bracelets for me and I highly recommend him for any challenge or any imagination that you have. I have no doubt in his brilliant craftsmenship as he is nothing short of amazing and I look forward to seeing his future designs as he surely will become a legend in his own right. Thank you Glenn Ardendorff.

Jason Cook

Glenn is an absolute MASTER of his craft. His passion and precision is evident in each piece of art (because thats what his pieces are) that he creates. Not only did Glenn create my brother & sister-in-laws rings which are beyond AMAZE. He has also created bespoke gifts for my nearest and dearest. So when the time came for me to put in an order for my fishermans forever ring there was no question that it would be Glenn that would bring it to life. Glenn found the perfect balance of sentimental – including beach sand from mozambique where our love story began, hard-wearing – using carbon fibre for the guy that hard on his hands (fishing), and beautiful by combining all of these elements. Made for a man who has never worn a single piece of jewellery – Richard doesn’t take this ring off. The perfect symbol of our forever. Glenn is the bomb-diggity. I will continue to recommend him to all who are looking for something special. –

Tash Hosken Lange

“Glenn truly delivered beyond our expectations on a uniquely designed wedding ring.  Once you have been exposed to the Adendorff quality, originality and professionalism, you always go back for more”

Christine Taljaard


  • Digi Fest 4

    Exhibition: A sketch – An experimental Art film by Glenn Adendorff

    Date:    6-11 November, at the Green Camp, Durban South Africa 2016

    Time:    19:00

    Venue:  246 Umbilo Road

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