The obviousness of bricolage is often so blatantly in your face that it’s hard to recognize. Just brushing on the definition central to my practice, it deals with an instantaneous problem solving solution.

As an artist maker this could mean anything, it could mean waking up in the morning in bed, checking my mail on my laptop, and using my smartphone as a coaster. An instant solution to a temporary problem. In a workshop environment, it could be using a piece of cardboard to balance an un level work bench, or a found object to appropriate into a piece of art.

On my last road show, I was doing a bit of travelling between Pretoria and Benoni, I had this little spaceman that I was hoping to use somehow. I tried various approaches and combinations, to unlock a potential composition, the first 3 snaps never really spoke to me, but feeling like an alien flower, the common denominator of my existence I figured, it all made so much sense. I’m just here for a short while and soon I will be gone.

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