Composite workshop

The composite workshop was such fun, I decided to document it. Via a film. (Link here) A super hot February day, loads of preparation improvised cutting, and a lot of ring making. In a world of metaphor everything can be used as something else. Fabric plus resin equals rigid material, with endless variable colour combos, structural strength, sculptor’s mediums or an art object.

Experimentation is a journey; failure is not necessarily the end rather a loose sketch of possibility. Without experimenting in composite making, without the yellow brick road of Google flicks, I would never know what I know now, about what can be achieved.

I got to share it with a whole bunch of people, and to hang out with fellow makers. It’s a “grate” time to be alive but not for a block of cheese, no seriously. Knowledge is power, so forget load shedding, lets make stuff from stuff, and shed a greater light on the possibilities of endlessness.

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